Australian Made Information

We are proud retail supporters of the Australian Made Campaign.  To sell at our markets, our stallholders must sell only Australian made, handmade goods, food and beverages.  Read more below about our Australian Made policy.

Australian Made Information

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Traders need to meet the following criteria when attending the market, so Handmade can remain within the Australian Made guidelines:

  1. All products for sale must be made in Australia.
  2. We prefer the products to be made by the traders.  However, if they are 100% designed by the trader and made elsewhere in Australia, we require details in the registration form.
  3. Finished products can contain components from outside Australia.  For example, cocoa or coffee beans that are not grown here, or linen made from flax which is not grown in Australia.  We have more details on this on our FAQ page.  If this is the case, traders need to display details on their stall (see point 9).
  4. We do not accept Fair Trade items.
  5. If a stallholder is found selling imported items, they will be asked to remove those items from sale at the market, and may be removed from our trader list.
  6. Only the products listed on a trader’s application and approved by Handmade can be offered for sale at the market.  If traders wish to sell additional products, we will accept a written request with photos up to 3 weeks before each market.  We do spot checks during the event.
  7. It is the responsibility of the trader to ensure they conform to any Australian standards (ACCC) pertaining to their products.  Handmade cannot be held accountable for trademark, copyright or safety infringements
  8. Traders need to be aware of the safety standards that relate to their products and labelling.  These can be found at
  9. Handmade understands that some components of a product cannot be sourced from Australia (e.g. linen from Russia to be screen printed in Australia).  In this case, if the product, to meet with ACCC standards, has a tag saying “made in Russia”, a sign must be displayed on the stall.  This A5 sign can be downloaded HERE (printed in original blue or black only) and must be displayed if any products state their origin is not Australia.

The team from Australian Made Campaign (AMC) will be conducting audits at the markets to ensure these guidelines have been met and to chat to traders about their products.