Sustainable Fashion and Makers

Handmade Canberra stallholders value ethical and sustainable fashion methods of production when creating their products. The following featured stallholders have a strong focus on upcycling and re-purposing pre-loved items.

Two Threads

Two threads

Two threads’ focus is on slow fashion, small runs, and creating long-lasting sustainable effortless garments. With everyday use in mind, the clothes they make are as easy to care for as they are comfortable to wear. You will fall in love with their clothes and stay in love with them because they’re made to last.

Spunky Bruiser

For the practical, conscious consumer and the self-expressive folks – look toward Spunky Bruiser for a fully inclusive range of off-the-rack pieces or have something custom made. Your sentimental textiles can even be included in a custom-made garment! Their multi-seasonal offerings are all made from locally sourced reclaimed and recycled materials and their signature reversible jackets are an extra special treat.

By Sabine

By Sabine is all about upcycling and re-purposing, using beautiful and interesting treasures from the past, which have been forgotten or simply ignored for years. By Sabine, pieces are all about breathing new life into components sourced whilst travelling locally and overseas. Most of the creations are unique one-off designs.

Apiary Made

Apiary Made is a lifestyle brand that celebrates the wonders and possibilities of the humble bee. Founded by Celeste Faltyn, Apiary Made handcrafts bountiful produce of the beehive. Luxury and sustainability unite in the Apiary Made range of beeswax food wraps, honey, 100% natural skincare range, and ceramic and beeswax candles.

Bass Case

BassCase upcycles vintage suitcases and speakers to make high-quality, Bluetooth suitcase stereos. All of their cases are portable and rechargeable, giving up to thirty hours of battery life between charges. Quality vintage speakers are used to complement the style of the case, which produces quality sound. All cases are powered by Bluetooth compatible amplifiers that can drive up to 100-watt power through each system and each case is one of a kind.


Upswitch creates imaginative lamps and lighting using recycled objects. Some reimagined objects include science laboratory equipment, cameras, vintage jars, and books. Each pre-loved item is repurposed into a modern, functional art piece that inspires and illuminates. Every handmade lamp’s design is informed by the use of the original object which gives its own distinct character and finally a new life and purpose.

Sustainability is important to us at Handmade Canberra. To learn more about how were are making our operations more sustainable and tackling single use plastics read our recent blog on Global Recycling day.