A Sustainable Christmas


There are a number of chain stores around who sell very beautiful things relatively cheaply. But when you factor in that many of them have large volumes, overseas factories (often with poor conditions for their workers), low quality materials and cookie cutter designs, they can afford to charge less. When you buy direct from a designer, you are paying for them to do the following, often on their own:

Constant researching into what’s around, sketching, collating and curating ideas to form a collection.
Experimenting with methods and materials, building skills and using years of previous experience
Time sourcing the right materials from local suppliers wherever possible, and nurturing those relationships
Trial and error until the product is perfect
Making, finishing and presenting the finished article
Time spent photographing, promoting, managing social media and online presence
Branding and packaging
Building a market stall and chatting personally to customers to assess what they like, taking custom orders and developing relationships
Caring about what they sell, how they make it and where it comes from

Everything we sell at Handmade is handmade here in Australia and sales go straight to the makers, who then support other local small businesses. And when you buy from the maker, not only are you supporting Australian made, but you’re also investing in a sustainable Christmas. Even though it’s not the easiest or most cost effective option, most of our designers and producers prefer to limit their use of plastic and packaging, use eco friendly and recycled materials wherever they can and value slow production methods. Your beautiful Christmas gifts will not have travelled far either, which is good for everyone.

So, before you browse the mall for your gifts, head to the Handmade Christmas Market on Friday 7th December (5pm – 9pm) Saturday and Sunday 8th & 9th December (10am – 4pm) for a memorable, sustainable, ethical and local Christmas.