A Matter of Style


MATTA Clothing is timeless and stylish. Nicole and Leisa have created a clothing label that embraces living in the moment, thoughtfulness and appreciating the simpler things in life. The collection is characterised by naturally soft fibres, a subtle colour palette and thoughtful, versatile design.

Designed in the coastal town of Inverloch and made in Melbourne, MATTA clothing has just turned one. They have just released their third collection, Summer 19. Says Leisa, “Nicole and I had been designing and making homewares and clothing under the Mookah label for nearly ten years. But we were frustrated with where we were at, so after much deliberating, made the decision to launch a new label. We saw this as an opportunity to take our knowledge and experience to create a whole new cohesive brand, with its own identity, aesthetic and style.”

The clothes are designed to feel beautiful on your skin, allowing it to breathe through the use of natural fibres such as linen and cotton. Each collection is designed to be paired with items from previous lines. This means that over the years, you can build a capsule collection that will stand the test of time.


“One of the biggest challenges that faces a small designer/maker is the cost of manufacturing in Australia. This is why so many labels have shifted their production offshore. Once we outsourced our production, it was always important to us to keep it not just in Australia, but locally here in Melbourne.” Having the entire design and production process geographically close allows for meaningful relationships. Nicole and Leisa oversee the design, development and manufacturing. This means they can catch small problems before they develop into big ones. It also means that they are completely aware of the working conditions of the people making the clothes. “This is important to us,” says Leisa. “A friend of ours who manufactures offshore once told us that it’s like driving down the Monash Freeway with your eyes closed.”


MATTA Clothing will be at the Christmas Handmade Market on 6, 7 & 8 December. They are planning to bring their whole Summer 19 collection with them. There has been a lot of demand, so they have some styles that are almost sold out. Don’t worry however, they are busy re-cutting the in-demand styles, hoping to have them ready for the market.

“This season’s collection we feel is our strongest collection yet. We know what our customers like and have worked this into the design.” The range includes loose comfortable fitting garments in predominantly linen, with some cotton and printed viscose. “And yes, wide leg pants in both full length and ¾ length,” says Leisa. “We’ve also added more colour into this range, which has been extremely well received. We now have olive green and paprika, along with soft blues, white and natural.”


The girls think nothing of heading up to Canberra for the market. “I think it’s about nine years since we did our very first Handmade Market, when it was back at the Convention Centre. Over those years we’ve always been very well received by Canberra customers. We’ve built up a group of loyal customers who come back to visit us from market to market, and also shop online with us in between.” They love the market. “Our journey with the Handmade Market has been an incredible one. We can’t speak highly enough of all the staff and their support to the stallholders. I’ll never forget when I was going through my treatment for breast cancer, Julie organised for a couch to be beside our stand so that I could rest during the day. You don’t get that kind of support at any market!”


We asked Leisa what the best thing is about coming up to Canberra.”We love the road trip up the Monaro Highway and over the mountains. It’s always so beautiful.” They also love the people in Canberra. “From the very first time we visited I remember us standing in the city looking at a map, and strangers asking if we needed some help. Also, going out to dinner and a couple next to us started talking to us and ended up taking us on an evening tour of Canberra and up to Mt Ainslie to show us the view!”


Despite the excitement about the success of the Summer 19 collection and the trip to Canberra, the team is nowhere near ready for a break over the holidays. “What is traditionally a holiday period for most people over the Summer is actually our busiest time of year,” says Leisa. They have two retail stores in regional Victoria (Inverloch & Warragul), that stock the MATTA clothing label. Inverloch is a small coastal holiday destination so the town is full of holidaymakers and day trippers to the beach. “It’s crazy busy, but super fun at the same time. We get to catch up with our regular holidaying customers, and there’s just a great buzz about town!”