A Look Inside Bathurst Grange Distillery

A peek into BGD’s newest gin release.

Bathurst Grange Distillery is a family-run, small-batch, craft distillery located on The Grange heritage estate and farm just outside Bathurst, NSW. They distil their gin using native Australian and local botanicals, some of which are grown on the farm. Bathurst Grange is also expanding operations into whisky, which is currently maturing in casks for release next year.

Bathurst Grange Distillery’s gin range includes their best-selling, colour-changing Blue Mountain Gin, Australian Dry Gin and Chilli Chocolate Gin. They also produce a variety of limited edition seasonal blends and gift sets.




The new Bathurst Grange limited edition Rose Garden Gin makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Rose petals are hand-picked from the rose garden at The Grange, steeped and then distilled. They infuse a classic juniper gin base with their sweet, fragrant flavour. After a refreshing twist on the classic G&T? Serve over ice with a good-quality tonic and garnish with rose petals or a sprig of mint. This gin will instantly transport you to a floral country garden when you enjoy a glass outside on a sunny afternoon.

From Bathurst Grange:

“When you taste this rose gin, you won’t want to drink anything else! We’re so proud of this spectacular product, and we can’t wait for you to try it.




If you’re going to put in an order with Bathurst Grange, you can’t go past their original bestseller. Bathurst Grange distils their Blue Mountain Gin using mint and rosemary grown on the farm. They also include native Australian pepperberry, producing a uniquely herbaceous botanical gin with a hint of spice. Serve over ice and add a good-quality tonic to see the magical colour change from deep blue to lilac.

This change is, in fact, not magic (though it certainly looks like it!). In reality, it’s a reaction between the quinine in the tonic and the blue butterfly pea flower in the gin. This reaction causes the pH (and colour) to change. Add a slice of lemon and a sprig of rosemary or mint, and enjoy!

And if you’re after something different, their Chilli Chocolate gin is both surprising and unique. It combines smooth, sweet chocolate and spicy chilli with orange and native wattleseed to create a smooth gin with notes of jaffa, a hint of coffee and a subtle bite of chilli. Enjoy straight over ice as an after-dinner drop or with a good-quality tonic and a slice of orange. This gin also makes a fantastic Negroni.



Sustainability is essential at Bathurst Grange Distillery. They produce a range of marmalades and jams made from the oranges and botanicals used to make their gin, saving them from going to waste. These are available as part of their Gin Gift packs.

Bathurst Grange Distillery also keeps bees and hope to incorporate the honey into their gin products soon. Honey lovers, keep an eye out!



Bathurst Grange Distillery is offering 10% off your order for Mother’s Day with code HANDMADE courtesy of our Mother’s Day Shopping Directory! Take advantage before May 9, and stock up on their brand new Rose Garden Gin. 

Find out more about Bathurst Grange Distillery’s gin products on their website, as well as cocktail ideas and serving suggestions. You can also follow along on Facebook or Instagram.