39 Degrees


We’re very lucky to have a number of great skin and body care businesses taking stalls at the Handmade Market next weekend (7 & 8 September, 10am until 4pm both days). A great deal of research and preparation goes in to making the most effective and indulgent products. And they’re all made here in Australia. We interrupted the market countdown of Michelle and Suzy from 39 Degrees to find out some more about their business.

Says Michelle: “We started 39 Degrees out of a desire to design natural mineral products that promote the importance of relaxation in an increasingly fast-paced world. We were inspired by the peninsular mineral hot springs. For us, taking care of ourselves, our minds and bodies is non-negotiable! So we took the concept of therapeutic mineral hot springs and decided to bring it home. We’ve enhanced the experience with a variety of aromatherapy blends of pure essential oils, targeted to relieve issues such as easing work stress, aiding sleep, detoxifying and post-gym muscle recovery.”

“Our mission at 39 Degrees is to transport you to a hot spring retreat in your own home. We offer a sophisticated magnesium bathing experience. We want you to feel pampered like you’re at a day spa and emerge rejuvenated and serene. It’s bathing without bubbles, rainbow colours or chemical odours. It feels great because it’s good for you.”

The pair is uncompromising about the ingredients. They only use substances found in plants and the earth. And they understand how vital minerals are to our wellness. The 39 Degrees range is not only a mineral hot spring experience at home, it’s also giving your body the ability to absorb a blend of therapeutic, essential minerals.


Michelle adds: “We will be bringing the entire 39 Degrees range to Handmade. Our signature range includes bath tonics that have been developed in-house to maximise transdermal absorption of a concentrated dose of magnesium during bathing. Our range also includes a magnesium body scrub and oil sprays.”

“Humans have been bathing in mineral rich waters, such as thermal hot springs, Japanese Onsens and Turkish Hammams, for centuries. While visiting hot springs allows bathers to soak up a variety of minerals – including magnesium, which is necessary for hundreds of mind and body functions – it can be an inconvenient activity due to accessibility and time constraints. It was this challenge that led us to develop the concept of a hot spring experience at home.” And by visiting the stall at the market, you’ll be able to buy all the ingredients for your home spa. As the girls say, “Relax. Unwind. Run yourself a bath (cause it’s far too difficult to drink champagne in the shower anyway!)”


The September Handmade Market will be the second time 39 Degrees has sold at Handmade. “Last time, we met so many fabulous makers, organiser and customers, that it made the event a highlight of the year for us. The relaxed and creative vibe of the market is addictive and being able to grab a few items that we’ve never seen before at Melbourne markets is fantastic too. We’re looking forward to doing some early Christmas shopping!”

They’re making a four day weekend out of this trip and both husbands will be accompanying the girls. “After not visiting Canberra for a number of years, we were blown away during our last visit. We were particularly impressed by the amazing vegetarian and vegan food options and how easy it was to drive around. We intend to take advantage of this again, and the boys will also visit the Australian War Memorial as well as the National Arboretum.”


With Winter all but over, we asked what Michelle is looking forward to most about Spring. “Spring brings a fresh resurgence to get outside and be active. We both use the sunshine as inspiration for getting our bodies moving more and love the ‘looking after myself’ energy that’s in the air in Spring.” And we recommend trying out some of the 39 Degrees products to look after yourselves too.