Sydney Chocolate

Sydney Chocolate combines delicious, ethically sourced, hand-flavoured chocolate with handmade packaging and a sense of humour. According owner, Tahra “We’re giving you a bit of tongue-in-cheek followed by some serious chocolate-in-mouth.” New to Handmade on 18 & 19 March, Sydney Chocolate will be bringing its Sydney suburb bars to the Canberra public. We asked her about the brand.

Tell us about your business
Tribalism is something that seems quite endemic to Sydney. It’s also something that we find amusing and helps us create wicked flavours that locals can relate to. Above all else, Sydney-siders are proud of their great city and have a relaxed sense of humour. Whether it’s having a reputation of soccer mums or rich housewives or quinoa-loving hipsters, we’re celebrating each area of Sydney the best way we know how – through locally-made, delicious chocolates.

Our suppliers work with the farmers and local co-operatives to improve the quality of life for small holders producing organic cocoa in Ghana. Environmental sustainability and fair treatment of the farmers is accomplished by providing long terms contracts so they can plan for the future with income stability.

What made you apply to Handmade?
I applied to Handmade because I’ve spoken to multiple stallholders and they’ve all recommended it as a great place to sell and the atmosphere with the people, stallholders and customers alike is open and friendly.

What are you looking forward to most about your trip to Canberra?
The best thing I like about it is the National Art Gallery…but I assume that’s because I’ve not been to Handmade yet! I’m looking forward to meeting the locals and testing out my chocolatey flavours on them! Hopefully they’ll like the fun tongue-in-cheek attitude and the high quality of our product!

Tell us about your workplace
I make a lot of my product at home with great care. It’s definitely made with a lot of love – both because I’m passionate about the product and also a lot of family and friends chip in with wrapping the chocolates and coming up with ideas for flavours and funny tag-lines. It really is a family and friend group effort – and a sometimes Sisyphean task.


Caroline Leevers is responsible for the Handmade brand, including the website, Handmade Style, the newsletter and the online magazine. When she's not hanging out with the lovely Handmade team, she runs Callie & Co Design, a Canberra graphic design studio that crafts brands for small businesses. Her favourite things about Canberra are the seasons (especially Autumn), the big sky, the coffee and the great events.


  • 28 & 29JULY 2018
  • 20 & 21OCTOBER 2018
  • 7*, 8 & 9DECEMBER 2018
  • *FRIDAY5PM - 9PM
  • SAT & SUN10AM - 4PM


0402 247 532