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With all of the wonderful designers and producers coming to Handmade on 18 & 19 March, it was difficult to pick just a few to feature here. One business you’ll definitely want to visit in March is Seed Press Books. Recently established by Canberran, Jordan Montgomery, Seed Press is responsible for capturing the recipes and atmosphere in The Cupping Room Cookbook, celebrating the Canberra institution with mouthwatering food and photography. We asked Jordan about Seed Press, his thoughts about Canberra and his place of work.
Tell us about your business
Seed Press is a local, independent publisher that was founded in 2016. Although it has been a word-in-progress for many years, after living overseas for an extended period, founder Jordan decided to take the plunge and publish a book under the Seed Press brand. The first publication, ‘The Cupping Room Cookbook’, came about after discussions with the staff from The Cupping Room, one of Canberra’s most famous institutions. Having had a long relationship with many of the staff and owners, it seemed natural to come together to produce a book that celebrated three years of The Cupping Room’s successful, seasonal menus.

The Cupping Room Cookbook team, from left to right: Caity Reynolds (manager of The Cupping Room and co-author/co-editor of the cookbook), Jerome Felix (Head Chef of The Cupping Room and co-author), Jordan Montgomery (owner of Seed Press). Image by Fairfax Media.

What made you apply to the Handmade Market?
It’s so inspiring that so many people from the area and surrounds spend so much time and energy creating such beautiful products, and even more inspiring to see them all brought together into one, inclusive space such as the Handmade Market. The success of the last Handmade Market further demonstrated that it is one of, if not the best platform from which local producers and hobbyists can present their goods to local people and celebrate the community.
What’s the best thing about Canberra?
Canberra is a city of opportunity, in every sense. There is every resource imaginable here and nothing is out of reach, be it countryside peacefulness or a local market from which to sell your handmade goods! We are privileged to live in a city with such a high standard of living, but I feel as though the people that live here don’t take it for granted; they know how lucky they are.
Can you describe your place of work?
Publishing is a fortunate industry because during the writing and design process, as long as you have a pen and paper or a laptop, you can be anywhere really. ‘The Cupping Room Cookbook’ was made in several places, most of which are cafes: The Cupping Room, Ona On The Lawns, the Red Cross Blood Service building at Canberra Hospital (during donations!), a kitchen table and sometimes even in the car.

One of Jordan’s places of work, The Cupping Room, Canberra.

We’re fortunate that Jordan has shared one of the Cupping Room Cookbook’s recipes – for chia & sago – and we’ll be posting it later on, so watch this space.


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