New Art at Handmade

Handmade is a great place to pick up a piece of art from a true talent. Whether you are interested in a one-off original, a set of prints or simply want to send beautiful greetings cards to your loved ones, we have a wonderful selection of artists who are attending Handmade for the first time on 16 & 17 September. Let us give you a guided tour of the Handmade Art Gallery…


Old meets new at Apothecary Artist (image above of ink illustration). Inspired by the natural world, Vanessa creates finely detailed drawings using the old fashioned techniques of dip-pen and homemade botanical inks. She researches traditional ingredients to make inks for her modern art. Claiming that she sometimes feels like a chef or a chemist rather than a painter, she crafts her materials from ingredients such as eggs, vodka, walnuts and pomegranates. Vanessa also offers a range of limited edition Vercotype prints which have been lovingly hand gilded or coloured.


Chloë Wadell’s art and jewellery are handmade in her home studio in Brisbane and will be a very welcome addition to Handmade. Each piece is an original work of art. Her cityscape series was inspired by a trip to New York and is a celebration of the often unseen angles and details in our urban landscapes, built from many layers of photo, drawing, painting and collage. Her jewellery is an extension of this series with individual sterling silver frames.

City art and jewellery from Chloë Waddell.

Also no stranger to city art, Kate Eagle has been painting for as long as she can remember. With a colourful, childlike style, her clever paintings and prints are relatable on many levels.

Art by Kate Eagle.


Two new photographers will be bringing their particular brand of art to Handmade, one focusing on Australian landscapes and the other bringing back mementos of her world travels and turning them into Australian art. Emily O’Brien is a creative lifestyle photographer whose work encapsulates images from the rugged beauty of Australia’s landscapes, flora and fauna, keeping her work very local. Maria Vantos on the other hand, travels the world in search of the spirit of the country and its people and turns her photographs into block-mounted wooden tiles, canvas prints, ceramic tiles and gift cards through her company, A Little Gypsy in my Soul.

Left: International atmosphere from A Little Gypsy in my Soul. Right: Australian landscape by Emily O’Brien.


Keatopia is a celebration of pop art and comics. Keat creates exciting artwork packed with action and dynamism. He loves drawing comics, superheroes, monsters and cartoons. As an Animator for feature films and games, his illustrations are full of movement and energy. After publishing his sketchbook in 2010, Keatopia was born and Keat, as he describes it “unleashed his creative inner beast.”

Two sides of Keatopia.


There’s little that represents Australia’s essence more than a piece of art by Dana Kinter Art. Inspired by an ‘Encyclopedia of Australian Birds’ handed down from her Grandmother, her art is a celebration of Australian flora and fauna. With a palette of muted colours, Dana works with pencil and acrylic on timber in her paintings, with a recent expansion into ceramics giving her a new platform for her art. A new collaboration with fashion brand, Gorman, is another exciting new direction.

Australian art by Dana Kinter.


Three of our new designers are illustrators, calligraphers and self-confessed stationery addicts, whose work translates beautifully onto cards, prints and stationery of all kinds. Little Hoot Hoot is one of these. Based in Sutherland and with a talent for calligraphy, the range of cards, prints, signs and stationery are printed on premium paper here in Australia. Ask Bec about calligraphy commissions or pick up one of her prints. Ferne & Co. is a collection of stylish, sophisticated paper goods, with beautiful illustrations by Siobhan McVey. The range includes greetings cards for all occasions, art prints, original artworks, gift tags and wrapping paper. With planning in mind, Green Pea Books and Stationery is a small Melbourne-based publisher of practical and useful stationery products for the home, office and small business. With cute to-do lists, daily and weekly planners, an order book, travel diary and business planner, the designs have been dreamed up by passionate stationer, Julie.

Left: Illustrated cards by Ferne & Co. Centre: Calligraphy by Little Hoot Hoot. Right: Planning by Green Pea Books & Stationery.


Makers & Merchants will be bringing custom name signs to Handmade. These farmhouse signs are hand-lettered with your child’s name to create a beautiful keepsake, framed in quality merbau timber. Contact Skye in advance to order your name and pick it up from the market.

Custom names by Makers & Merchants.


Caroline Leevers is responsible for the Handmade brand, including the website, Handmade Style, the newsletter and the online magazine. When she's not hanging out with the lovely Handmade team, she runs Callie & Co Design, a Canberra graphic design studio that crafts brands for small businesses. Her favourite things about Canberra are the seasons (especially Autumn), the big sky, the coffee and the great events.


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