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Market FAQs

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How do I apply? What do I need? Can I request a particular spot? How much will it cost? Can I bring my children? Do I need EFTPOS? What about insurance? Is there food & drink?

These are all questions we are asked on a regular basis, and the answers to these, and many other questions, are provided below.

Make sure you read everything in this section of the site before you apply.

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The Handmade Market is a beautiful indoor market created to support Australian designers to showcase and sell their designs to lovers of handmade design. The Handmade Market brings together, in one undercover space, the very best products from independent designers, artisans, craftspeople and gourmet food makers. Our categories include – Art & Photography, Skincare & Grooming, Things for Children, Fashion, Food, Homewares & Textiles, Jewellery & Accessories, Paper & Craft, Furniture, Pets and Christmas.

Customers to our events number over 20,000 over each weekend event – seriously! The market is held at EPIC, Exhibition Park in Canberra and can cope beautifully with these massive numbers.

We have been working really hard to become accredited amongst our industry associations and we have won a number of awards. In 2012, we won the Canberra Business Point Award, were finalists in the Telstra Business Award and won a commendation at the ACT Tourism Awards. In 2013, we won the ACT Telstra Business Awards, ACT Canberra Business Point Awards and an ACT Tourism Commendation. In 2014, we were finalists in the ACT Telstra Business Awards and the ACT Canberra Business Point Awards.

Showcasing new & emerging designers, and helping handmade designers and food producers gain exposure and opportunities to develop their brand presence with retailers and the media, is what we are all about. Each event is an opportunity for YOU to interact directly with your customers, gain important insight into your work and be seen by a wider audience. You pay a lot of money to attend a Handmade Market, so please make sure you read all the information on our website so that you can make the most of the opportunities of being part of our wonderful event.

How much does a stall cost?

Christmas 2017

Small Stall (2x2m) Indoors $660 for 3 days (power not included)
Large Stall (3x3m) Indoors $850 for 3 days (power not included)
Coffee Van (6mx3m) Indoors $850 for 3 days (power included)
Food Van (5mx6m) Indoors $1100 for 3 days (power included)

From March 2018

Small Stall (2x2m) Indoors $450 for 2 days (power not included)
Large Stall (3x3m) Indoors $580 for 2 days (power not included)
Coffee Van (6mx3m) Indoors $700 for 2 days (power included)
Food Van (5mx6m) Indoors $850 for 2 days (power included)

Corners incur an additional cost of $80 for a small stall and $100 for a large stall.

A one-off $25 admin fee applies on first application or if taking a break for longer than 12 months.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]


March 18 & 19
June 10 & 11
September 16 & 17
December 8, 9 & 10


Christmas 2017

Small Stall (2x2m) Indoors $660 for 3 days (power not included)
Large Stall (3x3m) Indoors $850 for 3 days (power not included)
Coffee Van (6mx3m) Indoors $850 for 3 days (power included)
Food Van (5mx6m) Indoors $1100 for 3 days (power included)

From March 2018

Small Stall (2x2m) Indoors $450 for 2 days (power not included)
Large Stall (3x3m) Indoors $580 for 2 days (power not included)
Coffee Van (6mx3m) Indoors $700 for 2 days (power included)
Food Van (5mx6m) Indoors $850 for 2 days (power included)

Corners incur an additional cost of $80 for a small stall and $100 for a large stall.

A one-off $25 admin fee applies on first application or if taking a break for longer than 12 months.

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What else is available for my stall?

In the application form you can request a corner space (for an additional cost of $80 for a small stall and $100 for a large one).  These are limited and we cannot offer everyone who asks – sorry but we do try to spread the love though! Power and hire of tables, chairs etc are available from the venue for the 2-day event. The paperwork and the payment goes directly to the hiring provider, not us. All of this is in the Stall Holder pack forwarded to you with your acceptance.

Can I request to be next to someone or in a particular spot?

You sure can! We have a section on our application form where you can request to be near a friend or someone you work well with at other markets, have a wall or be in natural light etc. It never hurts to ask and we will always try to accommodate any requests we can. Please note it’s not a given and, against popular belief, we can’t please everyone.

When are applications open?

Applications open the day after each market ends. They are open for approximately two weeks only and the closing date will be listed on the website. Once applications and spaces are full, all allocations received after this time will be placed on the waitlist for that market.

How do I actually apply for the Market?

You need to read our Essential Reading page first, then the Tips for Applying page and all these FAQs. Then if you are ready with all of you images, information and a few minutes to spare, simply fill out the Application Form, attach your photos and hit submit.

Do you have a waitlist?

Yes we do, are you paying attention? If we love what you do but just cannot squeeze you in at the time we will offer you a spot on the waitlist. Then, if a spot comes up, we will contact you.

When will I hear if I have a space or not?

We start processing applications the day after they close. This can be a very big job. We do not offer first in best dressed as each application is judged on merit. Offers and invoices are sent by email the following week.

If I don’t get a place will I still hear from you?

Yes you sure will, that’s how we roll. Everyone who applies receives a response. Some times things happen and we may miss one of the hundreds of applications we get, please check your spam folder and then email us if you did not hear back from us.

When do I have to pay for my space?

Invoices are issued with with your acceptance email. Your invoice will generally have a 10 day payment date, Christmas may be a little longer. If you cannot afford to pay your invoice please do not apply to attend. We are more than happy to discuss a payment extension if need be BUT this must be arranged ASAP after you receive the invoice. Not the day after it is due. We WILL offer your stall to someone on the waitlist if you do not pay on time or contact us to make other arrangements.

What if I need to cancel after I have paid?

We understand that things happen. If there is enough time to get another designer to take your spot then we will be more than happy to sort something out for you. Each case is decided individually. Please note changing your mind is not a valid reason.

Do I need to reapply for each event?

Yes you do. If you attend a market as a stall holder you will be offered the option to apply and pre-pay on the day. Please note only limited numbers are accepted this way,and that applying this way does not guarantee acceptance. Everyone else needs to reapply online, through the website. EVERYONE!

Who can apply to attend Handmade?

Anyone with their own Australian made, handmade products. If you design your products but you have them made for you, you MUST let us know in your application. We Do NOT accept Fair trade items for sale. If this is how your business is structured we cannot offer you a spot at Handmade. This decision is final. Your product must be made in Australia.

If I have components in my finished product from overseas is that acceptable?

Yes it is. We understand that if you are a jewellery designer, for example, then you are probably ordering components from overseas. You must be designing the pieces and constructing the finished item in Australia. For example using a gorgeous Russian linen for screen printing your design yourself is acceptable. If your item, for ACCC standards, then shows a tag saying “made in Russia” because the linen etc is from Russia that is OK, please have a sign somewhere on your stall saying something like “Our designs are 100% designed and printed by us. We use only the finest Russian linen for our items” or something that works for you. This does not need to be a big sign but you do need to have it and we WILL be checking.

Do I need to run my own stall on the day?

It is preferable, as you know your products best. If you are sending someone else please make sure we are aware of this and that they know everything about your product and they are prepared. This means sending them the email and information about being at Handmade and making sure they have read our website. It really makes things hard for everyone, including your profit margins, when you send someone that doesn’t have all the information.

Do you mind if I/the person I send sits on our backside all day and read stuff on our phones and then complain sales weren’t very good?

Why YES we do mind. You pay a lot of money to be at Handmade, why would you not make the most of every minute of it? This is never a good look and we will ask you to get up and smile, take your name and probably not ask you to come back. Just saying…

Can I bring my children with me when I have a stall at the market?

Of course you can.  However you are responsible for ensuring that they are safe, that they aren’t interfering with the ability of other stallholders to conduct their business, and that they are supervised at all times.   It is a good idea to leave children under the age of 7 at home if you are able to as the market is a busy place, and you want to be able to concentrate on providing the best possible service to your customers.

Can I share a stall at the market?

No sorry, not with another business. Everything you sell must be yours, please do not bring another designer’s goods on the day and hope we will not notice.

Can I apply or trade for only one of the two days?

No sorry, two days only. Make sure you bring enough stock it is such a shame to sell out on the first day and miss out on all those sales.

I am applying from interstate, can I courier the stock to the venue?

Yes you can. Please see the Tips for Applying and check out our interstate section. Also in the stall holder pack there is info on sending items to the venue.

Do I need public Liability Insurance?

You must be covered by a policy, and we will require evidence that it is current. You will need min $10Million public Liability Insurance in your business’s name.

Is there a hire service for power and tables etc?

Yes there is. This is not something we arrange and this must be done through the hire group. This information is given to you with your stall holder information pack. Payment for these items goes directly to the hiring group not us. Did we mention you do not pay us for these things and you organise it through the hire group?

Do I need an ABN?

No you don’t need to have a registered ABN number to trade at the Handmade Market. If you do not though you should think about getting one from the ABR for your business.

Do I need Eftpos and is there an ATM?

You do not need to have Eftpos but the retailers that do say it does help with sales. There are 3 ATMs on site located at the venue.

Is there food available?

There sure is.  We have a gourmet food hall as part of the market, with hot food vans, barista coffee, a selection of bakery goods and fresh produce. We also have stall helpers who can mind your stall, or buy your lunch for you.

There are a number of things that we consider when selecting retailers. These include:

  • The quality, range and style of products
  • Merchandising and presentation of products, on the stall and through photography
  • Uniqueness of the product
  • Appropriate, suitable and viable for selling at the markets
  • Where else the product is available for sale.
  • Right fit for the Handmade customer demographic
  • Online and social media activity

The amount of information provided in the application plays a big part in helping us to assess individual applications.
Acceptance into Handmade is highly competitive with many more applications received than positions available, so the more you can tell us and the better your photographs, the better your chances.

Before applying you MUST also read our Essential Reading page, which contains our fine print and terms and conditions. Don’t try to fill out the application form without reading it – that would just be plain silly!


MARKET DATES 2017 & 2018

  • 16 & 17SEPTEMBER 2017
  • 8*, 9 & 10DECEMBER 2017
  • 17 & 18MARCH 2018
  • 5 & 6MAY 2018
  • 28 & 29JULY 2018
  • 20 & 21OCTOBER 2018
  • 7*, 8 & 9DECEMBER 2018
  • *FRIDAY5PM - 9PM
  • SAT & SUN10AM - 4PM


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