Ant Haus

Ant Haus is a range of jewellery made by Melaney McCleary. Geometric, detailed and very beautiful, we are delighted to be hosting Ant Haus at the next Handmade Market, 18 & 19 March at EPIC. Here’s what Melaney had to say when we chatted to her.

Tell us about your business
I am obsessed with contemporary design and as a result I have handcrafted a range of modern jewellery called Ant Haus. All designs in my range are made by hand from start to finish in my studio based in Sydney. Among today’s production-line jewellery, Ant Haus stands out for its relentless pursuit of beautiful, thoughtful and well crafted jewellery. No two Ant Haus pieces are exactly alike!

What made you apply to the Handmade Market?
I applied to Handmade Canberra as I really enjoying being a part of a market that showcases such a diverse range of Australian designed products. Handmade Canberra has a wonderful reputation and is always beautifully curated.

What are you looking forward to most about your trip to Canberra?
I am really looking forward to meeting existing and new visitors to the market. Over the years I have had so many lovely Canberra customers who are always very keen to support my handcrafted jewellery. They understand the time and effort it takes to make each piece.

Can you describe your studio/place of work?
I have quite a large dedicated jewellery studio space filled with numerous tools and machinery that I have collected over the 18 years I have been making jewellery. I work by myself and each area of my studio has a different function whether it be soldering, polishing, sitting at my bench making jewellery or doing admin work.


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  • 28 & 29JULY 2018
  • 20 & 21OCTOBER 2018
  • 7*, 8 & 9DECEMBER 2018
  • *FRIDAY5PM - 9PM
  • SAT & SUN10AM - 4PM


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